Nick C. Is My Type of Guy.

I first met nick in my Marketing 377 class this semester. We found classmates who were looking for teammates for a class project and that’s how Nick and I met. He was an interesting cat to say the least. But as we got the talking I found out that he was going through this major transformation. Nick definitely knows first hand how hard it is to reach a goal, but in the end, the result is bitter sexy. Here’s my interview with Nick:


Me:What motivated you to lose weight?

Nick:I loved being big but felt as though I started to look fat (as the pictures show you).  When I was at my biggest I was 205lbs at 5’10 and then got into an accident and when I got out of the hospital was 160lbs with hardly and strength or muscle.  So first thing I did was worked out and ate to get big again but then also later to cut the fat off since I didn’t want to look fat again.  Which is what I am still doing now.

Me:How much weight have you lost since you started?

Nick:After the accident the biggest I have got was 195lbs and now I am 160lbs so 35lbs.

Me:What kind of workout plan are you doing?

Nick:I am doing a workout plan I created and a lot of cardio on the elliptical.

Me:What kind of diet are you doing?

Nick:I have done several diets but the most effective I have come to realize is just being in a calorie deficit while eating healthy foods.

Me:How many times a week do you work out?

Nick:I work out 5 times a week.

Me:What are the foods you’re not allowed to eat?

Nick:Pizza, white bread/white rice/and things or that nature, also fast food.

Me:What would you tell yourself(the individual before your weight loss) if they were struggling with the idea of going through with such a demanding goal?

Nick:I have seen people transform their bodies that were not even in the shape I was in when I started so if they could do it so could I.

Me:What’s the most important thing you’ve learned through this transition?  

Nick:Cut your weight slowly so you preserve your muscle mass or you will just be ripped with hardly any muscle.

Me:On a scale from 1-10, how sexy do you think you are?

Nick:You decide haha.

LOL! Nick, from the pic at the top, you’re an 11 on my list(no homo). I really appreciate Nick giving me his story because it shows that there are people out there fighting temptations and the results are paying off. It’s nice to have Nick in 2 of my classes, because it motivates me to stay on track, because I know someone else is doing the same. If at all possible find someone who is currently going through a transformation, someone close to you. Don’t wait for someone to start with you because there’s a high chance of them dropping out and you losing your motivation. Definitely find someone who’s on track and already fighting for their goal.


Kyle Maynard Shows Me How Truly Blessed I Am.

          Kyle’s story is truly amazing and inspirational. I was watching ESPN the other night and a documentary on Kyle’s life was on, “Kyle Maynard: No Excuses”(Link to Documentary: I remember my high school motto at Montini, “No excuses, it’s time”. Because the title interested me, I decided to not change the channel, I’m so happy I didn’t. Kyle was born without his legs and arms, from the elbow down and from the knee and down. At first I didn’t want to watch it, I felt the documentary was going to be to sad but something made me keep watching it. I learned that Kyle was raised to know that the world would view and treat him differently and that he still needed to play the cards he was dealt.

Kyle did play the cards he was dealt and he played them well. He learned to care for himself, cloth himself, feed himself, etc. He commited to wrestling in high school, even though full well knowing he would lose most of his matches, if not all. He continued to fight and keep going, enjoying life when he could. He is now a motivational speaker, who speaks all over the U.S. He has succeeded and will continue to.

For me personally, I was taken back. I have nothing to complain about. I should have no excuses that would prevent me from accomplishing anything I put my mind to. It is through Kyle’s pain and will that I see how truly blessed I am. God has blessed me with my full limbs and a functioning brain, it would be a waste to let such a blessing go unused and be imperfect. In the video, Kyle meets veteran soldiers who were wounded and who are now disabled. These soldiers were contemplating suicide and eventually made a pact with one another to follow through with it. Until, they heard Kyle’s story. Kyle saved those individuals and gave them something to live for.

I truly thank Kyle from the bottom of my heart. I do not idolize him, but I keep him in my mind for motivation. Motivation at the gym. When I’m tired and angry about the last rep I have to do, I think, I have these limbs, I have my hands, I have my forearms, it would be a waste for me not to finish. Motivation to keep going. Motivation to know that no matter how bad it gets, I was dealt some pretty good cards in this life and I better play them better than Kyle.



Week 4 and Feelin It!

Amazing things have been happening to me physically and socially. Today while I went to the post office to ship Lorenzo a tight shirt I bought him and this cougar behind the desk start flirting with me. I asked if there was a way she could look up Charleston’s zip code, and she said to me with a smile, “You’re asking so much of me”. I just smiled and laughed back. I’m really not use to such flirtation, but I kind of liked it.

Physically, I look good, not my best, but I look good. I feel that I can handle a lot more of the excercises thrown at me by Kris Gethin, who offers a free training program on I’m doing his “Kris Gethin 12 Week Trainer”. I’m a huge advocate of this program and have gotten a few friends to start it. There’s awesome definition in my arms, shoulders, and chest. My mid-section is gonna be the hardest to get some definition out of, at least my legs muscles are starting to show more.

I’ve been cheating on my diet lately, especially going out with friends to eat. It’s hard to maintain a diet and be social as well. I know the price I have to pay for cheating, it’s going to take longer to reach my goal and I’m going to have to train harder. I think it’s worth it, kind of. I’d rather be out with friends and socializing for a little bit, while maintaining my routine, than be a full-time hermit.

I’m going to reach my goal, no matter how many set-backs get thrown at me. I want success, I want to win, and I want my health.